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November 18, 2009

2nd Annual NorCal Classic Video

This was done and ready last Wednesday, but due to some technical issues ESPN couldn’t get the video up until today. Also, in case you missed the results and the photos, check them out here and here, respectively.

November 8, 2009

NCC2 Results

I should’ve posted these up earlier today, but had an incomplete (and incorrect) list of results of yesterday’s event, which went pretty well in my opinion. Anyway, they’re up now. My video should be up in a couple days.



  1. Chad Bautista
  2. Cameron Birdwell
  3. Tony Campos

  1. Zack Held
  2. Pat Price
  3. Danny Brown

  1. Kyle Bowman
  2. Gabriel Verduzco
  3. Niko Kilik



  1. Omar Romero
  2. Chad Bautista
  3. Tony Campos
Super Sketchy

  1. Cameron Birdwell
  2. Damian Schinella
  3. Oscar Gonzalez

  1. Mike Hughes
  2. Josh Oie
  3. Kyle Zonderham

  1. Allen Porter
  2. Johnny Ontiveros
  3. Brian Schaefle

August 18, 2009

For Those About To Ride

Endo lent me this DVD, which was made by Nick Noble in ‘05 and features a lot of East Bay riders, including Nick, Sterley, Samar, Duck, Nick Dawg, AP, Nip, Endo, and Kenny Kekow.

Also, since I’ve been getting emails on the topic… I don’t know why the Free Flow video is taking so long to get online. I finished it the Tuesday after the contest and sent it to my contact for ALLI, and… they’re lagging on getting it up. Sorry on the delay.