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August 19, 2010

The Streets of San Francisco: Event Sign-Ups

Click here to sign up for SoSF.

August 3, 2010

The Streets of San Francisco

Click to sign up. Your kicks are gonna love this...

August 29th, Avant Garde International Clothing/Cycling Presents: “Street of San Francisco” 18+, 20″ downhill race through SF.

Starting at the top of Twin Peaks and ending at the fabled Clocktower on Embarcadero. Riders will work their way through SF on a designated course that was carefully picked by Maximillan. Not only will riders have to navigate the normal traffic that’s associated with riding a bicycle through SF, but AGI incorporated the famed downhills, and maybe a few uphill surprises, of SF’s streets.

Along the way riders will have to navigate through BMX-related obstacle checkpoints in order to proceed on in the race. There will be five checkpoints at areas along the course, with the first five riders arriving utilizing a flat rail, a wedge setup, rails and ledges, and the Clocktower stairs, and playing a game of BIKE, to determine the cash prize winner. The winner will be the last man standing after the game of BIKE. We also will give the last place rider who finishes all checkpoints and crosses the finish line within fifteen minutes of the fifth place rider a cash prize, as well. Prizes for best trick, burliest rider, and scariest to watch.

Additional info can be found at the AGI website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Maximillan M. Gardner-Guillermo
Team Manager, Avant Garde International