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August 27, 2009


I read about this one the other day in The Oakland Tribune; for those of you too lazy to read the article, it’s a rider-built, rider-funded park in West Oakland. Click here for directions.

Tony Campos, half-and-half air at the BayAir soft opening. Photo: Adam Keaton

I emailed Adam Keaton, one of the park builders/organizers, with some questions about the park, and he said:

BayAir is a non-profit park designed with the community in mind. We will be allowing riders in the park tomorrow. Oakland youth rides free (must have ID to prove residency) in exchange for keeping the park clean and it’s $5 dollars for everyone else. It has been a long haul just to make it this far. I’ve put up the entire financial backing. We’ve had a few people help with construction, but the majority of the building has just been myself and Shane Sischo. Extra hands are very much needed (two guys standing 8×16ft wallrides is less than ideal…). Our biggest expense is materials, specifically plywood. We are constantly in need of 3/4 and 1/2 in 4×8 ply and 2×6 studs. Obviously cash donations are by far the most helpful (checks can simply be made out to BayAir). Also, we need couch cushons and foam mattresses for the foam pit. We can use full couches and chairs aswell for the spectator area. We had a soft opening yesterday to get the word out and try to generate some more support. In the coming months we’ll have a grand opening where we’ll host a contest, have live music, etc.