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August 3, 2010

Sasquatch Canyon Summer Brew

If you’re going to watch a BMX video today, this is the one to watch. Jackson Allen describes Sasquatch Canyon Summer Brew

A mellow blend of handpicked bunnyhops and gnarly. Crafted right here in the 831 with a pinch of ingredients from the Eastbay and aged to delicate maturity in a filthy barn. This unfiltered yet smooth viewing piece has subtle notes of ocean air, sunshine and citrus with a robust finish.

Brewed by Jackson Allen, Mike Hernandez, Anthony Quiroz, Andy Maguire, Jeff Murphy, Brandon York, Jordan Murdock, and Otis with help from: Ryan Nyquist, Casey, Josh Boothby, Will Grahn, Travis Kizer, Chad B, Sean Hoover, Eric Mesta, Tots, Cory Thomas, Stephen Landrum and Travis Hill with narration by Seth Hill and Crazy Chris. Label designed by Chris McMahon of SJBMX.com. This brew is best enjoyed with more beers, a salty snack and an empty schedule.

July 5, 2010

The Lost Boys

Country Clubbin’, coming through with some good shit to start off the day.