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March 26, 2010


Posted by Chris McMahon
Category: Stolen Bikes
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Nick Gust’s new bike, a replacement for one that was stolen several months ago, was stolen at San Jose State a few days ago. I guess someone cut through his lock while he was in class. Shitty. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for a flat grey Subrosa Novus with white Odyssey Spacebars, red grips, an old DK stem, a Profile cassette, and gumwall Aitken tires. Nick says he’ll reward and reimburse you if you can get it back for him, since it’s his primary mode of transportation, so send him an email if you find it.

November 26, 2009

HOW5 + Hoang Tran + Bike Sale

I don’t have a video camera anymore, but I took some shots of everyone leaving Dolores and made this eight second piece. Enjoy.

Here is Hoang’s new edit, which is pretty badass. I filmed a couple clips in here on a trip we took to Santa Cruz. Thanks to Dusty for hooking up the dustbowl.

Also, I am selling my bike for $650: Solid AA frame loaded with good parts. Hit me up for pics, offers, and questions.

September 28, 2009

Interbike ‘09

Nick Gust sent in these photos from everyone’s favorite annual tradeshow. There were a few more than this, but I’m only posting up the eight in which I could actually ID the products. As usual, rollover the images for the captions, and click to make ‘em big.

S&M WTF bike. Short headtube. Low forks. Female axles only. Fine-pitch chain. The list goes on and on.Closeup of the WTF drivetrain. Note the wide, fine-pitch chain and the female axle-specific dropout.The new Fly Pantera, complete with removable brakemounts that let you keep your brakes dialed even when they're not installed.BSD Jersey Barrier hubguards, now for... every hub you may or may not have.Madera and Profile hubs. Check out the new Profile Micro-Mini Cassette on the right.UGP's new seats. What's wrong with all-black bikes?Subrosa's new two-piece cranks and sprockets.Sunday Model D trails frame built up with Odyssey parts. Check the new Intac post, which apparently works with railed and Pivotal seats.