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September 3, 2011

Kurt Russell/Bay $mog/Felipe Gonzalez

Figured I’d keep this all in one post, since it’s all kind of related: Kurt’s got a new Stolen edit out – which is fucking dope – and an interview on BMX Union, and Felipe threw up a new Bay Smog edit from Kurt’s backyard trails and a remix of some of his own older clips. Check the second two videos after the jump.


July 28, 2011

Stolen Back East

May 11, 2011


February 7, 2011

Krud/Stolen/Ride UK

Gettin' donkey on Mare Island.

January 11, 2011

All Kinds of Good

This Odyssey edit came out a few days, and you really should watch the whole thing when you have the time, because it’s just that good.

November 10, 2010

Stolen Bikes: Kurt Russell

This guy, that company.

October 15, 2010


Saturday through Wednesday, I went on a roadtrip to SoCal with Samar, Jonas, Benicia John, K-Ru$$, Webstar, LT, and Stephenson to film for the upcoming STFBMX DVD and pick up some new product for the shop. Anyway, here’s a shot of Jonas getting down on Sunday at The Vault, prior to breaking his braking foot on Allan Cooke’s backlot ramp at Haro on Tuesday…

Mike Jonas - Turnin Headz

August 2, 2010

Fox GSoM Tour Edit 3/3