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August 18, 2010

2-Hip Limo Tour

Jarrod sent over this photo of Ron, Darryl Nau, Waylon from the Sanctuary, Steve-O, and Jake from 2-Hip chilling before taking off on their limo tour. Not a clue where they’re going, but I’m sure it’ll be rad.

Andrew Lang behind the camera?

November 20, 2009

Eddie Money Shot

Andy texted me about this earlier. There’s some real classic footy (2-3 years ago, I think) in here, along with a totally awesome crash at 1:19, Eddie Money, Scooter Matt, and the theme song from Perfect Strangers.

February 9, 2009

Steve-O Scoffone

This is Steve-Os section from Jarrod Allen’s 2005 demo DVD. I thought his part was rad then, and I still think it’s rad now.