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June 16, 2010

S&M/Fit Customer Appreciation Party Edit

ESPN got this up a lot faster than I expected, although they edited the intro out… presumably because it was a clip of Big Red drinking a PBR while pedaling down the street, as Bob rides by yelling “We out here, nigga!” Wouldn’t want the kids to see that, right? But, if you do, weouthere.

June 12, 2010

Scrape the town with us!

Hopefully you’re not too hungover to come scrape the town with us for the S&M/Fit Customer Appreciation Party. We just got the goodies, and will be giving away a freshly minted Cardona frame to the person that shreds the hardest. We’ve got a bunch more goods to throw out, and Cheese has the grub lined up for sure!

June 11, 2010

S&M/Fit Customer Appreciation Party – Directions & Maps

We’ve been getting a lot of people saying they had no idea to get to the Oakland Metro Opera House so I made some PDFs that you can print or download. If you’re getting off of West Oakland Bart, click here for directions. If you’re getting off of 19th St Bart, click here. So, get some rest after the STFBMX Grand Opening and be prepared for another day of good times. We’ve got some spots lined up, free food, free beer (21+), flatland jam and music. See you all there.

May 17, 2010

2nd Annual S&M/Fit Customer Appreciation Party, Hosted by First Rule

With the up-rising of personal activity in the First Rule Collective recently, we have decided to combine events in 2010, to be more efficient. What with Kweli’s family, my school work, Cheese out running the streets, and Koit’s constant need to be on the road, how else will the doughnuts get made??

So here you have it… this is the 2nd Annual S&M/Fit Bikes Customer Appreciation Party, hosted by First Rule!

Meet us at the Oakland Metro Opera House at 12 noon on Sunday, June 13th! We will, as per usual, Scrape the Town… but with a slight twist. You see, this street ride will come back to the Opera House for a juicy treat. This lovely venue will be fitted for all of the flatlanders we can fit on the dance floor! Chad & Amy Johnston have helped organize this to fit your flatland needs. That’s right, this is a 6,000 sq ft venue, ready to be melted by any rider who wishes to attend, for free. All any rider has to do, flat, street, or whatever your treat, is meet us at 12 noon, sign up for the ride, and get your wristband for the afterparty. This is an all-ages event, fully equipped with a BBQ and drinks, with drinks for the adults as well! (Drink specials when provided when beverages run out.) And you can bet that with Moody as emcee, with two DJs and a few bands to back him up, there will be a tad bit of entertainment for all of your taste buds!

This event is free for any rider who wishes to come out and say “what up!” There will be prizes from S&M and Fit Bikes, and local Bay Area bike shops.
2nd Annual S&M/Fit Customer Appreciation Party, Hosted by First Rule

May 5, 2010

S&M/Fit Customer Appreciation Party

S&M/Fit Customer Appreciation Party