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January 13, 2011

Justen Soule’s New Year Mix

June 27, 2010

Warriors of Wood II Results and Ride’s Coverage

If you weren’t there, the top three were TJ Ellis, AJ Anaya, and Pat Casey, with Cameron Birdwell coming through to win best trick with a superman seatgrab peggrab that almost included a half-barspin. Birdwell also tried hucking a 1080 over the last set, and slammed so hard that he broke a few ribs in the landing. I’m just now getting all the clips I shot onto my computer, so hopefully my edit will be online tomorrow. Anyway, here’s the first video up of the event; Fat Tony must’ve been up pretty late editing this. Also, click here to check out Fat Tony and Brandon Mean’s photos from the event, as well as a write-up.

December 17, 2009


Flipper’s in this new Innertwine Clothing video, along with several other guys, including Hammer and Wolfman, who comes through with the bangers. In related news, Ban Comic Sans, seriously. In unrelated news, I’m going to Oroville for the weekend, where I will belatedly mourn the closing of NorCal Ramps by drinking 40s.