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July 25, 2009

MH Photos

San Jose Cody Brown sent in these photos from Morgan Hill a few days back…

Elliott Negron, bowl-to-roller downside whip.Elliott, table air.Mark Sheppard, lookback.Cory McKerrow, toboggan.

January 26, 2009

Tea Cups

Joey Cobbs has been out at Tea Cups on a fairly regular schedule as of late, both digging and riding. He took these shots of Caveman, Jeff Mannstock, Mark Sheppard, and Doug E. Doug a few weeks back.

Steven Landrum, past-clicked lookback over the hip.Steven, tobbogan.Steven throws down a Fuzzy Hall move.Steven, turndown over the fourth double.Jeff Mannstock, no-footed cancan.Jeff lays it flat.Mark Sheppard, tabletop.Mark, Euro table.Mark, turndown.Doug Blankenship fires out a cannonball.Doug, tailwhip.Doug, nothing.Doug, one-handed no-footed can.