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December 13, 2009


Action Jackson of Sasqutch Canyon sent this over earlier this morning. Lipton won’t be around too much longer, and the ramps need homes; if you want one of them, click here and leave a comment.

May 3, 2009


Jackson Allen posted some new photos that Luke Brennan took out at Lipton, Plata Arroyo, Ben Lomond, and a secret trails spot. Click the photo to see the rest.

Jackson Allen, one-footed tabletop out at the Canyon.

Also, Kurt Siever posted some other photos that Luke took out at Fun Spot. Click the photo for the others.

Turndown by Triangle Head.

April 13, 2009

Bay St. Issue #1

Bay St. is an online magazine that Joey Cobbs and Jarrod Allen have been working on over the past few months, and this is the inaugural issue. It’s 70 pages long, with two videos, and the contents include pieces on Doug Blankenship, the Lipton warehouse, and Devin Feil of Peg Leg Clothing, with plenty more on top of that. So, click the cover to check it out…

Bay St. Issue #1

March 2, 2009

Lipton Jam Edit

Kurt “The Muscle” Russell sent in this video from the jam, with the following accompanying text: “I was faded when I filmed this but this what I got.” There’s also some additional trails footy from, if I’m guessing right, Santa Cruz Jim’s backyard?

February 28, 2009

Lipton Jam

Posted by Chris McMahon
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Jordan Murdock got first place and also won $20 (of which I still owe him $12…) for being the only guy ballsy enough to crankflip the box. Chris Riesner did a bunch of seatgrab nacs and cans over the box, and Salinas John 360 Wessel-whipped from the box lip to the bank. Bar Vic definitely freestyled at one point. I don’t really remember much else of the riding, and I didn’t film it; David Urbieta was filming using David Seaborne’s camera, though, so that’ll pop up on here once he’s edited it.

February 23, 2009

Lipton Jam

Posted by Chris McMahon
Category: Events

[2/12] I should have a flier for this up soon, but for the time being, here are the details: The jam’s going to take place at Lipton (click here for directions) on Friday the 27th. Practice is going to start at 6pm, and the jam itself will start at 8pm. The entry fee is $5, with the money going towards new wood for Fun Spot when it gets moved and repaired later in the year. The jam will have a minimum $50 cash prize, along with product prizes from Crazy Chris, Mike Hernandez, myself, and others. The jam is going to be rider-judged, which is to say that, the people actually entering in the contest will be the ones judging it, via secret ballot. Also, there’s going to be little contests, for longest skid, longest manual, highest bunnyhop, highest air on the box, and highest air on the quarter, all with $1 entry fees; the cash collected in these will go directly to the top rider in each contest.

[2/22] To ride, you’re going to need a helmet and a signed waiver, which you can download here; people under 18 need to have the waiver signed by their parents or guardian.

[2/23] Mike Hernandez gave me a call earlier, asking me to take down the flier I posted yesterday, as it had the wrong sponsors on it. The real sponsors are Solid, 2-Hip, Sin Cal 4130 (Crazy Chris), Ramp Rats, and the Watsonville Pawn Shop.

February 8, 2009

Santa Cruz Ale Works

Posted by Chris McMahon
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Andy, Carpal Beaverton, and myself went out to this awesome establishment last night for some organic beer tasting, and came the conclusion that the Ale Works’ beer is, in fact, delicious. Skummy Anthony begs to differ, but that’s his problem. Afterwards, we got a awesome pesto, garlic, shrimp, and pepperoncini pizza with wheat crust at Carp’s place of work. It was delicious. Yeah. In related Santa Cruz news, expect a jam towards the end of the month at Lipton; details and a flier should be up soon.