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September 26, 2011

Where’s the Beach, Bro? Volume 2

This is a Country Clubbin’ exclusive offer, saving you $5 per person to digitally experience the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Giant Dipper. This roller coaster was constructed in 1924 and has been featured in a number of hit movies, including The Lost Boys and Dangerous Minds. You must be over 50″ tall to view, and preferably not a barney. Tourist season is out, but the edits keep washing up to shore. Featuring many familiar faces from Santa Cruz and a handful of tourists, Where’s the Beach, Bro? Volume 2 will surely be a memorable experience upon your visit to the Country Clubbin’ Blogspot.

October 18, 2010

Bigfoot’s out here, doin’ The Least Most.

Jackson Allen recently got interviewed by The Least Most, on the topic of his blog, Sasquatch Canyon. The interview also includes some photos by Cobbs and Jackson, and the video below. I should mention that this is a really good interview, because Jackson actually takes the time to really answer the questions; none of that short/vague response bullshit here. Also, the last clip in the video? Fucking priceless.

July 5, 2010

The Lost Boys

Country Clubbin’, coming through with some good shit to start off the day.

June 6, 2010

Attack of the Scraps-Quatch

Jackson Allen just posted this new video, which features a ton of people in it. I feel like this video really captures what riding is really about.

Note: The S&M/Fit Customer Appreciation Party is rapidly approaching! This year’s event is going to be a blast, so make sure you come out. Also, if anyone wears a size 9, leave me a comment and I might have a deal for you. ( I gave all the shoes away already, sorry)

April 19, 2010


This would’ve been out a couple of days ago, but I had to go searching through my big box of old tapes for a pair of  clips that Andy wanted to use. Anyway, Murph’s got a lot of real dope clips in this one, as do Andy and the rest of the boys.

January 19, 2010

You Better Have Fun

November 20, 2009

Eddie Money Shot

Andy texted me about this earlier. There’s some real classic footy (2-3 years ago, I think) in here, along with a totally awesome crash at 1:19, Eddie Money, Scooter Matt, and the theme song from Perfect Strangers.

October 17, 2009

‘08/’09 SD Scraps

Here’s the leftover SD footy off my old camera from the past year-and-a-half, including some footage from Tea Cups, leftovers from the Cobbs edit, park clips that didn’t get used in Caveman’s video, and some shots of Carp and Kurt that Jarrod Allen had on a disc he gave me awhile back.

May 3, 2009


Jackson Allen posted some new photos that Luke Brennan took out at Lipton, Plata Arroyo, Ben Lomond, and a secret trails spot. Click the photo to see the rest.

Jackson Allen, one-footed tabletop out at the Canyon.

Also, Kurt Siever posted some other photos that Luke took out at Fun Spot. Click the photo for the others.

Turndown by Triangle Head.