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November 18, 2010

Expendable Youth

I can only embed the Terrible One section, but that’s okay, because, much like the rest of this classic Fox video, it’s fucking awesome. Click here to watch the video in its entirety. If you don’t like this, there’s probably something wrong with you.

June 17, 2009

Bay St. Issue #2

Joey just finished this up last night, and now it’s online. This issue’s even longer than the first, coming in at 92 pages, with articles on the Chunky guys, Greg Sumida, and Marlon Europe; a wide assortment of photos, including some from Budapest, Hungary; and a thoughts section, featuring words from Ron Wilkerson, Mike Hernandez, Dave Jacobs, Sean Parker, and Joe Rich, amongst others. If there’s any poor English in there, blame me for fucking up the proofreading. Anyway, click the cover to check it out.

Jackson Allen with the cover shot.

Chase Hawk, BF, and The Ultimate Male

Well, I guess that these guys are doing the demo at Morgan Hill the next day...

June 5, 2009

Morgan Hill Skatepark Grand Opening

I went by this place a couple days ago, and, goddamn, does it look fun, even if it is currently covered in sand. It’s real easy to find (go west on Tennant Ave off 101, and it’ll be on the right, past Monterey Rd), it’s going to be bike-friendly, and it opens at 3pm on Saturday, June 27th with a demo by the Fox team and some skaters, as well as some bands I’ve never heard of. Click the layout graphic for the event flyer with more info.

Morgan Hill Skatepark Layout