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April 7, 2009

I almost forgot…

I actually saw somebody riding these things out at Cunningham the weekend before last; I didn’t want to be a dick and say something at the time, but, whatever, because this shit’s just straight up stupid. Leave it to the Illinois Nazis Germans to develop a pair of handlebars welded to the stem. You know those crashes where your wrists and/or head are spared because your bars slipped? Don’t expect that with these. Somewhere, somehow, BikerFox is stoked.

Would you trust bars made by a German company with a pair of führers with the last name of Göring?


I thought that it would be awhile before I saw a product comparably stupid to the Curbrider Flow Pedal. I was wrong. I give you… JumpSnap, the ropeless jumprope. Whoever designed this shit should be shot, preferably by one of these.

Designed for fat, lazy, uncoordinated Americans!

March 12, 2009

Curbrider Flow Pedals

I promised Caveman and David earlier today that I’d post this up, so here it is…

Full homo intended.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s worse, that somebody’s selling something that turns your bike into a scooter for $55, or that they’re looking to sponsor people to race. Is Nick Dawg secure enough with his manhood to join Team Full Homo and take his mains and win fights at the Livermore track with these?