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February 14, 2009

Welcome to Oakland

Posted by Chris San Agustin
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For the past week John Ivers and I have been filming for a VIMBY edit. The weather has been a great help, it seems like whenever we’re going to film it rains. Anyway, on Thursday we met up in downtown, chilled on some coffee, and we were really not feeling it. Dirt hit me up, though, and bunch of heads wanted to come out and ride. So, we got motivated and once we all met up the session was on. A few bangers went down and a few are still in the works. In downtown, there’s a new clocktower in the works. It’s right next to BART and its got like five clocks. So, we’re chillin’, drinking beers, and a new kid rolls up. Nate from Central Cali just moved into town, and lives a few blocks from my house. So, these girls come up to us saying they never rode BMX bikes before, so let us ride them. Jackson tells them to ride Ivers and my bike. I was paying more attention to my beer than my bike. Next thing I know I see these girls hit the corner on our bikes! A minute goes by and we realize they’re not coming back. So everyone that has bikes scrape after them. I figured my shit was gone and started to walk home. I got eight grand worth of equipment in my backpack and needed to get back home quick! So, I’m walking back and I see Dirt come back with my bike. The next thing I know he drops it and I look behind me and it’s a straight brawl, so I bounced. We’d been filming clips all day and my camera is my life, fuck my bike. I scrape down the street and call up Ivers. Eventually he picks up the phone and he got his bike too and told me to meet at my house. So what I’ve heard from various sources is the following: Ivers rolls up to the girl on his bike and 20-30 hood rats come out of the cuts yelling “don’t touch my sister.” One thing leads to another and it goes down. From what I do know, no BMXers were harmed in getting the bikes back, but Jackson body slammed some dude on his head and yelled repeatedly ” What, what, I’ll take you all one on one.” Everyone’s good, we got our bikes, we got the clips, and we got a new clocktower. Welcome to Oakland!