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July 5, 2010

Gearhead Jump Jam Edit

I’m not sure who filmed and edited this, but I found this earlier today when searching for “pacifica bmx” on Google Videos. Judging by the tags that are up on YouTube, I could’ve also found it by searching for “xxx big boobs booty shaking milf.”

June 18, 2010

Gearhead Jump Jam

[6/18] Didn’t notice that Mesta had posted a comment with more info on this until now. Here’s the copypasta:

2pm-Dirt Comp
3pm-Rail Jam
4pm-Best Trick
5pm-High Jump

Prizes awarded to the top 3 in Rail Jam, Dirt Comp, and Best Trick.
Prizes awarded to the winners of Bunnyhop and High Jump.
Sponsors: Gearhead Bicycles, First Rule, etc…

[6/16] I don’t have a flyer for this, but it’ll be taking place at Gearhead Bicycles (1039A Terra Nova Blvd. in Pacifica) on Saturday. Here’s the info that Paul sent over:

The dirt jumping session starts at noon, and the contest starts at 5pm (sunset’s at 8:30pm).  There will also be High Jump, Best Trick, and Bunnyhop contests. The event is free for all participants, with music from DJ Chanclas, and BBQ until supplies run out.