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January 27, 2011

WD x Hubba Hideout

In case you didn’t already know, Hubbas got demoed yesterday. Or the day before. Or maybe today. I had heard that it was demoed way back in November, but apparently not. Anyway, it’s gone. Here’s the last clips that I filmed there, which are some non-riding outtakes that didn’t make it into this edit. RIP.

December 16, 2010

Sailor Jeffy

Ceiling bonk-to-fakie.

November 10, 2010

The Birth of Big Air & We’ve Got The Parking Lot

Mat Hoffman will save us. Click to check out the trailer.

Alternative Title: We've Got D-Block! Cheese says: &;quot;Free party, free Sailor Jerry, and ramps!&;quot;

November 6, 2010


Bob. Feeble-to-hangover on a sketchy gate setup that D-Block was keepin' locked down.

Krud. Fugitive 180.

November 4, 2010

Hell on Wheels 6

This had a way lower turnout than usual (blame it on the two other jams scheduled on Halloween, Game 4 of the World Series, or something else), but was still a lot of fun. Young Timmy’s shark costume was the fucking shit, as was Gabe even thinking of trying that crazy ass smith-to-nosebonk-to-drop gap at Hubba. Click here if you’re having trouble with the embed.

October 13, 2010

Hell on Wheels 6

First Rule’s Hell on Wheels 6 will take place at Dolores Park in San Francisco, at noon on October 31st. Cheese is holding it down and has some new spots for everyone to enjoy. Koit is MIA, Kweli will probably be there, and I just moved to Brooklyn. Check back for more details.

June 18, 2010

Gearhead Jump Jam

[6/18] Didn’t notice that Mesta had posted a comment with more info on this until now. Here’s the copypasta:

2pm-Dirt Comp
3pm-Rail Jam
4pm-Best Trick
5pm-High Jump

Prizes awarded to the top 3 in Rail Jam, Dirt Comp, and Best Trick.
Prizes awarded to the winners of Bunnyhop and High Jump.
Sponsors: Gearhead Bicycles, First Rule, etc…

[6/16] I don’t have a flyer for this, but it’ll be taking place at Gearhead Bicycles (1039A Terra Nova Blvd. in Pacifica) on Saturday. Here’s the info that Paul sent over:

The dirt jumping session starts at noon, and the contest starts at 5pm (sunset’s at 8:30pm).  There will also be High Jump, Best Trick, and Bunnyhop contests. The event is free for all participants, with music from DJ Chanclas, and BBQ until supplies run out.

June 16, 2010

S&M/Fit Customer Appreciation Party Edit

ESPN got this up a lot faster than I expected, although they edited the intro out… presumably because it was a clip of Big Red drinking a PBR while pedaling down the street, as Bob rides by yelling “We out here, nigga!” Wouldn’t want the kids to see that, right? But, if you do, weouthere.

June 12, 2010

Scrape the town with us!

Hopefully you’re not too hungover to come scrape the town with us for the S&M/Fit Customer Appreciation Party. We just got the goodies, and will be giving away a freshly minted Cardona frame to the person that shreds the hardest. We’ve got a bunch more goods to throw out, and Cheese has the grub lined up for sure!

June 11, 2010

S&M/Fit Customer Appreciation Party – Directions & Maps

We’ve been getting a lot of people saying they had no idea to get to the Oakland Metro Opera House so I made some PDFs that you can print or download. If you’re getting off of West Oakland Bart, click here for directions. If you’re getting off of 19th St Bart, click here. So, get some rest after the STFBMX Grand Opening and be prepared for another day of good times. We’ve got some spots lined up, free food, free beer (21+), flatland jam and music. See you all there.

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