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September 21, 2010

Conspiracy Theory 2

The sequel's straight to DVD, and didn't even have Mel Gibson in it.

August 29, 2010

LCRSP End of Summer Jam Results

I didn’t do too much filming at the jam… just Pro. Elliott shot Vet for me, and I think that Jake from 2-Hip got Advanced. Don and a couple other people have photos.

13 & Under
Safety meeting with Bar Vic. Saw some crazy hydroplane sailboat thing stunting on the lake. I’m going to go ahead and assume that little Petey Pablo won this class.

14 & Over Beginner
6″ Turkey Bacon Club from Togo’s, cheddar on white, with an Orange Crush. Levi Marquez came out on top.

14 & Over Advanced
1. Squeeks. Murdered it, . Wild lines all over the place. Was more cocky than Nick Dawg. Passed go, collected $200.
2. Carebear. Big railride, with a crook and feeble-to-jumpover into the bank to boot.
2. Sprinkles. Also got 2nd. Flipped the box, and did a whole bunch of stuff that I totally did not expect to see.
4-5? Nick Krauer and Eric Cisneros. Not sure who placed what, and didn’t really get to watch them ride, but they were getting down.
6. Contrary to popular belief, I can actually ride.

1. Oldscar. Dialed runs. 540 air. Framestand smith stall.
1. Squirrel. Also first. Double x-up air in the deep end. Suicide doublepeg on the sub. Can-can double-peg grind.
3. Don Ypil. Pedal grind/stall variations, perfect one-footed tables and turndowns.
X. V-Dogg attempted a half-barspin air on the 10′ vert quarter. He looped out on the flat, but he’s over 40 and did it in a fullface and basketball shorts, so I’m counting it.

1. Andrew Lang. Imagine the Terminator, but with white pants. Barspin-to-icepick-to-tiretap-to-whip on the sub,and a whole bunch of other crazy shit.
2. Nick Noble. Cameron Birdwell was watching the UFC match with Joey Chestnut, and Nick filled his shoes very well. Ridiculous backrail fuf, and did a toothpick and tireslide on the vert quarter.
3. Endo. Stupid big downside wallplant, huge wallrides. Did not go over the bars.
X. Dustin Hansen came through with a dope wallslap-to-manual around the bowl into the deep end.

April 19, 2010

Progression Session Edit