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August 24, 2009

Free Flow Video

The video of the jam is finally up on the Alliance of Action Sports website. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look particularly good on their site, so I’ve thrown it up on Vimeo, and am hoping that they don’t call me out on it.

August 2, 2009

Free Flowin’

My video up of the jam should be up in a few days on the FFT website; I just finished capturing the footage… and am going to wait until tomorrow to get working. In the meantime, here’s a short and very partial recap of the goings on.

  • Jason Lopez, David Kapinos (“Japan”), and Will Grahn took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively; as a result of this, Jason gets to compete at the SLC Dew Tour stop.
  • Jason stomped a double-whip 3 over the box, hit the vert wall, and then attempted a 720 over the box backwards. Gnar.
  • David tried a no-handed flip up the quarter-to-quarter step-up, and pulled perfect 360 invert over the box.
  • Will threw a bar-to-bar out of a weird (and super fun!) roller thing that was propped on up the stairs, and cranked some turndowns.
  • A guy whose names eludes me somehow managed to pull a backflip off the aforementioned roller thing.
  • The token uber-am sandbagger ended up moving up to regular-am. He then threw a frontflip off the box lip, and completely bypassed the landing, going straight to flat. Street as fuck.
  • Some dude in a “I have candy” (?) shirt did a fakie-to-frontflip in practice, and then proceeded to wreck his ankle and not compete.
  • While texting Mike Packer, I shoulderchecked some kid who hit a hipblind and sent him straight to the floor. Reminds me of the time I hit this blind bank-to-bank gap at Vans and took out Dirty Duane.
  • And… a whole bunch of other stuff happened…