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January 17, 2010

Albe’s Barspin Challenge w/Dane Wild

Okay, here’s the deal. In an effort to keep all you lazy people from doing nothing but playing video games all winter (think of this as a Wii Fit game, but with bikes), we came up with this little contest idea: “The Albe’s [Trick] Challenge.” Over the next few months we’ll do a few of these. Each one will feature a video of one of our team guys or locals doing as many [trick] as they can in one minute. All you have to do is beat them… and everybody else that is up for the challenge. Think you have what it takes? We will award prizes to the person that does the most. We will also award a prize to the person that has the most entertaining (funny, crude, shocking) entry as well. Check back to see what the prizes may be.

As always….there are rules.

  • As many barspins as you can do in ONE minute.
  • The minute must be one clip. No splicing together clips. We need to be able to tell you didn’t cheat.
  • No assistance from ramps, jumps, curbs, etc. BUNNYHOPS ONLY!
  • Dead hops do not count against you
  • Busdrivers are accepted but may be frowned upon by some judges.
  • Anyone one can enter. Nyquist, Reynolds… where ya at?
  • Video must be uploaded to Vimeo, Youtube, or other video hosting site.
  • Email us the link to albes@albes.com.
  • Albe’s Barspin Challenge videos must be submitted buy the end of the day 2/1/10.
  • We like to cover our asses, so as always, we reserve the right to change the rules or end the contest at anytime.
  • Dane Wild is a BITCH!