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June 1, 2010

King of Cali Updates

Mike Krnaich sent this over earlier today:

King of Cali has had two sick rounds happen already at The Compound and the Fresno cement park where only the men showed up to ride the biggest gnarliest cement bike-only park in the country. Thanks to 60-70 riders at each event everybody leaving having a good time. The riding was off the hook as we all expected, and there was an all-around good vibe. Hopefully that trend continues as KOC travels up to NorCal for Round 3 at Ramp Rats in Petaluma. The first half of the series was definitely a success. Six guys from each class have already qualified for the final at Woodward West in November, where, amongst other sponsor prizes, amateurs can win a week’s stay. Pro’s will be riding for $1000 for first place, guaranteed by S&M and Fit, with paydowns through fifth place. The OG class is riding for a night at Centerfolds.

We are already talking about next year, with guaranteed cash prizes at qualifying stops, and possibly adding more events at the Fun Spot and/or Cunningham into the mix. Stay tuned to KingofCaliBMX.com for results and pictures of the first two events.

Also, Mike’s got the keys to the warehouse for Ramp Rats II in Santa Rosa, so expect some more information on that in the near future.