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July 9, 2009

Ivers in Oregon

Spotted this photo of John from the Donald Pool Party in a post on Souney’s blog


February 2, 2009

Brian Blyther

In an odd coincidence, Brian Blyther’s parents (or maybe they were his grandparents?) lived next door to me when I started really getting into BMX in highschool. I remember them getting pretty pissed when I started digging some little jumps on the then-vacant lot between our houses, but then cooling off and mentioning Brian once they figured out what it was that I was up. Being that young and uninformed, though, I had no clue who Brian Blyther was and didn’t really give it much second thought. Ah… the naïveté of youth. Anyway, Jared Souney took some photos of Brian back in 2003, and is just getting to posting them now, along with an accompanying story. Check them out on Jared’s site.