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May 22, 2010

Jump Jam Edit

Here’s my edit of last weekend’s Fun Spot jam, which went up on ESPN earlier today. If the embed isn’t working for you (it’s not for me), click here to watch the video.

May 17, 2010

Fun Spot Jump Jam

Jackson took a lot of photos at the jam last Saturday. There was a real good turnout, with a lot of shredding going down. The crowd voted for the top three by way of a ballot, and Andrew Lang took home first place, with Jason Lopez and Cameron Birdwell in second and third. The riders voted for best trick, with Cam coming out on top for, as he put it, “the best superman seatgrab peggrab I’ve ever done.” I’m working on my edit right now, but Alec Hugo’s on the ball and already finished his, which you can see after the jump.

I don't want to spoil any of the photos, so here's a picture of Crazy Chris.


June 5, 2009

Warriors of Wood Photos

Here are just a few of the shots that Dennis Dowling took at WOW. There’s a couple dozen more that you can see if you click here. Also, Joey Garcia has several shots up at Unevenground; click here to see those.

Joel Hulsey, backflip.Ben Voyles, superman seatgrab.Colin Mackay, turndown.Ryan Nyquist, switch-handed 360.