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September 23, 2010

Special ed

I remember this fat kid that used to ride at Calabazas around ‘98 or ‘99, back when Nut was Nut, and 12-year olds on stock Fits weren’t trying to huck 360 tailwhips over that awful, yet-to-be-existent last jump in the set. Anyway, he rode a Fat Boy that said “Special ed” on it. Good times. Aaron Foley sent this one in, and there’s a lot of awful filming and mountain bikes, but Aaron and Cory have some clips. The riding starts around 3:10…

November 18, 2009

Cunningham Photos

Even Nick Dawg can't hate on this one. Endo way up in the fullpipe, with both feet on and his bars against the wall. Photo: Aaron Foley
Aaron. He jammin'. Photo: Vince Torres