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February 22, 2011

This is what happens when you turn 30.

Posted by Chris San Agustin
Category: Videos
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Aaron Bartlett has been apart of the NorCal BMX scene for over 15 years! I mean, this is when people were still building dirt jumps with no landings! Anyway, apparently this is how it goes down on your 30th birthday. Hahaha. Next time you see this guy at the park make sure to give him some respect, because guys like Aaron are the ones that are responsible for the BMX movement in Northern California. Cheers.

August 18, 2009

For Those About To Ride

Endo lent me this DVD, which was made by Nick Noble in ‘05 and features a lot of East Bay riders, including Nick, Sterley, Samar, Duck, Nick Dawg, AP, Nip, Endo, and Kenny Kekow.

Also, since I’ve been getting emails on the topic… I don’t know why the Free Flow video is taking so long to get online. I finished it the Tuesday after the contest and sent it to my contact for ALLI, and… they’re lagging on getting it up. Sorry on the delay.