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August 9, 2010

Hardcore Sick Jumping

So, I finally got around to getting the equipment to hook my laptop up to a VHS deck, and here’s the first video I’m rolling out: Scott Stanton’s 1997 entry to the “Sick” series of videos, featuring riding from Ryan Nyquist, Dave Mirra, Jay Miron, Cameron Birdwell, Dennis McCoy, Shaun Butler, Joey Garcia, Dave Osato, Jeff Harrington, Chris Bryant, John Parker, Chad Kagy, and Craig Hoffman. This one’s got footage from the San Jose Ramp Club, Calabazas, Sheep Hills, Burning Man, a few of the B3 contests, and more. Thanks to Cameron Birdwell for letting me borrow the tape.


  1. This is what it was all about and not to mention staying ahead of L.A. on producing epic riding. Cam, Joey, Chad, Ryan, shit is ridiculous on video but watching it everyday made you scratch your head, WTF??? True style in this video, something that kids don’t know how to recognize now.

    Comment by Nor Cal Squirrel — August 12, 2010

  2. hell yeah!!!!! this is how i remember it. some footage from backtrails would be dope to post. someones gotta have a copy lying around. i’ve been pheening to watch it

    Comment by celo — August 12, 2010

  3. This is so great! Posting the entire video of Backtrail would be AWESOME!

    Comment by SMC — August 24, 2010

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