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March 19, 2010

Props 75

Is now available, and in addition to the ridiculousness below, it includes some roadtrips, contest footy, and a new Solid ad that I made, amongst other things.


  1. i just watched this on tcu and to be honest i dont even want to see this shit again.

    Comment by 408dave — March 19, 2010

  2. Dave you are fucking RETARDED! the riding in this is amazing, you do not need to hate on the vid because you can not do a singe trick in it.

    Comment by Greg — March 19, 2010

  3. greg stfu i said i didnt wana watch it again obviously because of the level of WTF it has in it. and ill be surprised if anyone can do any of the tricks in this fuckin vid. SO shut it

    Comment by 408dave — March 19, 2010

  4. It was labeled as “Dave Mirra 3″ when it was brought to my attention. I was somewhat disappointed that there wasn’t a Beefy Spicy, Christmas Tree, or Half-Whip-Half, but I’m guessing that’ll be on the Deadline DVD.

    Comment by Chris McMahon — March 19, 2010

  5. garrets a machine. but thats nothing we all dont already know.

    Comment by Stephen — March 19, 2010

  6. hated it

    Comment by me — March 19, 2010

  7. Dam video game!!

    Comment by Mesta — March 20, 2010

  8. FML

    Comment by Pat from Sonora — March 20, 2010

  9. no park in sight so it got two thumbs up from me. stop hating 408dave and go ride platta

    Comment by daddy — March 20, 2010

  10. i can hate all i want. but i wasnt even hating fool.

    Comment by 408dave — March 20, 2010

  11. Wow! I just shat my pants out of amazment.

    Comment by N.E. Man — March 21, 2010

  12. wow. first vid ive got suckd into for a while. its crazy, i remember when i first saw him on fuel tv when he was 16 haha..beast

    Comment by justin — March 21, 2010

  13. makes you just want to get stoned instead, doesnt it?

    Comment by the best — March 22, 2010

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