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January 11, 2010


Posted by Damian Schinella
Category: Squirrel's Nuts

Motorcycles don't always yield the most fun in return.

I begged Bubba to get the Kareoke machine for this, Crowbar was on it.

     In case you did not know, or if you were wondering, you can now see Kurt “Crowbar” Yaeger in his most prominent staring role. We were watching “The Office” Thursday night and I could not believe when an Applebees commercial came on featuring Nor Cal’s own CROWBAR. The commercial is shown nation wide and he’s in it! He’s sitting at a table with 2 other white guys and one token black guy. Kurt likes the double glazed ribs, and later on in their conversation he seems perplexed that his friends dinner plate is less than 550 calories, yeah no shit. I met Kurt like 16 years ago and books could be written on that relationship alone. Never once I would have ever imagined going into this acting thing, but after that life altering motorcycle wreck, I guess he felt that since he survived that he could do what ever the hell he wanted. He did. I give him shit, but will gladly eat a piece of that since he has truly got his foot in the door. Props to you Kurt, if you know him, give him a call and stroke him a little, guy deserves it. Watch NBC or any Applebees commercial. From knocking dudes out, substance explorations, to mainstream exposure. He even did work in a movie Charlie Wilson’s War (featuring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts), but you can’t recognize him like you can in the commercial. I have included some pictures from the archives of one of the best fucking guys I will have ever known. Here’s to you Kurt….


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