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November 14, 2011


Posted by Chris McMahon
Category: Site Updates

“Damn bro! No goodbye post or anything. I feel like some slut that just got banged and woke up to an empty bed and five bucks on the dresser, haha!” Mike Hernandez, texting it as he sees it.

So, yes, in case you couldn’t tell by the total lack of posts in the past… five weeks, SJBMX is dead, at least as far as being a regularly-updated local BMX website. I delayed on getting this post up because I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen. I really wanted to keep it going until February 18th and end it on the seventh anniversary of the site’s first post, but, real life got in the way, and keeping a BMX website updated on a regular basis just doesn’t fit into my schedule anymore. Going from having plenty of free time during college to having a full-time position in one’s chosen field is one of those things that forces your hand, unfortunately.

I do plan on doing a final full-length webvideo, since I’ve got so much unused footage stored, but I really don’t have a real ETA on when it’ll come out – I’m guessing sometime in the winter, as work will die down once it starts raining more often. Look for it here, or on Vimeo. Maybe it’ll show up elsewhere.

Thanks to everyone who was ever involved with SJBMX since 2005: Everybody who read and watched, shot and filmed, submitted and commented, hosted and attended, rode and inspired. It was blast while it lasted. I’ll see you around.

October 9, 2011

Chad Osburn

Posted by Chris McMahon
Category: Videos
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Going fast and blasting. Good shit.

October 8, 2011

Two 408BMX Videos

My cable modem broke shortly after the last time I updated the site, so, now that it’s fixed, I’m posting a whole bunch of stuff up in no particular order. Anyway, here’s Elliott’s latest two edits…

Keep It Lit

Cap took a bunch of Cobbs' photos that didn't make it into Dig 84 and posted them on the Solid site.

Glory Hole!

Waking up from a glorious sleep.

Pete Brandt Bio

A Day in the Life of Kevin Kiraly

Warning: Slideshow.

Justin Burns in Vegas

Dave Thompson

This should have gone up in the previous update, but I forgot to post it. Oops. Either way, this guy absolutely murders shit.

Bay $mog: Hit Em Wit It

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